Aprilog makes & stocks IC adapters for QFP, TQFP, QFN, MLF, SOIC, SSOP, TSSOP, TSOP, VSOP, SOP, PLCC, PGA & SOT packages and stocks test sockets by Enplas, Plastronics, Sensata, Yamaichi & Tokyo Electech. Programming adapters, IC footprint chip changing adapters, and ZIF socket to PCB pads adapters. Adapters for Microchip PIC, Intel, NXP, ST, Freescale, and many more. We also build custom adapters to meet your special needs.

Sockets on these pages are listed in ascending order by the number of pins.

5 Pins 8 Pins
36 Pins 56 Pins

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04335-121-6218D   Loranger SC70, MO-203 Small Outline Transistor Package test socket 5 Pin Closed top Kelvin connection socket for SC70 MO-203 Small Outline Transistor package. $55.80

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03717-091-6218B Loranger 03717-091-8218B clamshell, closed top, 8 pin DFN test socket. 8 Pin Clamshell, closed top, 8 pin DFN test socket $37.00

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03729-381-6217 Loranger 3729-381-6217 open top, 36 pin QFN test socket. 36 Pin Clamshell QFN type package test socket
  • Clamshell closed top socket
  • Compatible QFN Package Type
  • 36 Pins plus 2 center pogo pin contacts
  • 10.0mm x 8.0mm Chip body width
  • 0.85mm (33.5 mil) pitch
  • 2 center pad pogo pin contacts
  • Mfr. Loranger
  • Status IN STOCK
  • Drawing request

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03734-571-6218A Loranger 03734-571-6218A closed top, QFN, 56 pin, test socket. 56 Pin Closed top test socket, QFN package test socket with additinal, 57th center body contact. $175.00

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